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The Dangers of Bed Bugs

Date posted: November 30, 2013

In recent years, we have begun to hear more about bed bug infestations in hotels and motels, and how these ugly little creatures are carried into our homes.

We are beginning to understand the dangers of bed bugs and the health threats they pose.  Ugly rashes occur from bed bug bites due to a chemical like substance they inject that acts much like an anesthetic which actually numbs the bite areas temporarily.  This numbing substance allows bed bugs to bite you multiple times without your sleep being disturbed, and you only become of aware you’ve been bitten after you wake up and see a rash on your face, or other areas of your body.

As with most chemical substances, various reactions can occur based upon your individual sensitivity.  These bites are normally not considered dangerous; however, it is important to avoid scratching them, and to use topical creams to relieve the itch symptoms.  Scratching the areas will only exacerbate the rash, and may cause an infection that could lead to scarring.

Bedbugs are more prevalent in Southeast Asia, but travelers in the U.S. encounter them too.  As a matter of prevention when traveling, it’s always wise to check your bedding immediately upon checking into your hotel or motel room.  Carefully check the sheets and pillow cases for tiny red spots, and also check the mattress along the seams, and any other hiding place such as tags, etc.  Bedbugs love to hide in tiny crevices.  If you observe signs of bedbugs, contact the hotel management immediately to request a room change.

When you arrive home, always leave your bags in the garage or trunk of your car until you have a chance to wash and dry all clothing and vacuum your luggage.  Effectively eradicating bedbug infestation from your clothing requires drying them at a temperature of 115 Fahrenheit.

Impact Law Firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you discover a bedbug infestation after traveling, contact Impact Law in Tulsa, OK to discuss your legal options.

Staying Out of Blind Spots to Avoid Truck Accidents

Date posted: November 25, 2013

Many Tulsa truck accidents are caused by other drivers failing to stay out of blind spots that prevent a truck driver from seeing them.

Driving too closely, or in the “blind spot” can be determined by checking to see if the truck’s side view mirrors are visible to you.  If you are driving behind a large truck, and you cannot see the side mirrors, you need to back off until they are visible. If you drive in the truck’s blind spots, you are in danger of either causing an accident or being seriously injured should the truck driver suddenly tap his brakes.  Staying at least 20 to 25 car lengths away will provide a safety net that allows the truck driver to see you, and also allows you room to slow down if you see the driver braking.

Additional Safety Precautions to Avoid Truck Accidents

There are other safety precautions to consider when driving on the roadway with large trucks:

  • Never assume the truck driver is aware that you must or are about to change lanes; always signal well in advance to ensure the truck driver does not have to suddenly apply his brakes or swerve.
  • When changing back into the lane with the large truck, allow for at least 10 car lengths ahead of the truck.
  • When driving beside a large truck, always make your presence known to avoid a truck driver from changing lanes suddenly forcing you off the road.

Impact Law Representation for Truck Accidents

Planning ahead and being courteous to Tulsa truck drivers will help prevent tragic loss of lives; however, truck accidents still happen and cause thousands of injuries and deaths each year.  If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a Tulsa truck accident, contact the lawyer team at Impact Law today for a free consultation.

Slow Down and Put the Phone Down to Prevent Car Accidents

Date posted: November 18, 2013

Rapidly developing new technology is supposed to improve and simplify our lives; however, in many cases we find that the new devices only serve to complicate our lives, and in many cases, possibly do more harm than good.

Cell phones are so common place that virtually everyone, including young children own one, and uses it as their primary source of communication.  While this is a great advantage as a way to stay in touch with our loved ones as we go about our day, or as we are traveling; if not used properly, cell phone usage can result in a tragic outcome.

Avoid Phone Usage While Driving

A good motto to abide by while driving, even if it’s a few blocks away is “slow down and put the phone down.”  Disciplining ourselves to do this would save thousands of lives every year.  There are even phone apps available that automatically respond to incoming phone calls, and/or text messages that state, “Driving, I’ll get back to you when I can safely reply.”

Many states are taking legislative action to ban the use of cell phones while driving, and as accidents caused by the use of cell phones increases across the U.S., other states will undoubtedly take action to impose serious fines and penalties on drivers that fail to slow down and put the down phone.

Car Accident Representation in Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you have been involved in an accident caused by a driver using their cell phone to text or dial a number, you need to contact a Tulsa, Oklahoma car accident lawyer at Impact Law today.

Safety at the Dog Park

Date posted: November 11, 2013

Oklahoma statutes clearly state that dog owners are liable for their dogs.  In addition, if a dog is deemed to be dangerous and bites an individual “without provocation, and the injured individual is in or on a place where he has a lawful right to be,” the dog owner is liable for damages.  Dog owners of dangerous dogs are required to register and enclose their dogs unless they are leased and muzzled, and must also post liability insurance in the amount of $50,000.  Failure to abide by this statute can result in the owner’s dog being confiscated, and the owner may face a misdemeanor charge of one-year.

As dog parks become more popular, as is true in Tulsa, more individuals are likely to be injured by dogs running loose without leases.

Dog Park Regulations

Most dog parks have regulations in place that are supposed to assist in preventing serious injuries, and enforce safety at the dog park.  These include:

  • Immediate removal of dogs with aggressive or unruly behavior
  • Dogs must remain with their owners at all times
  • Dog owners are required to pick up after their dogs (many dog parks provide plastic bags and containers for this purpose)
  • Small children under the age of 10 are not allowed in many dog parks
  • Dogs must be a minimum of four months old
  • Food, other than training treats, are not allowed, and owners are not allowed to have alcohol or tobacco products in the dog park
  • Most parks permit only two dogs per owner
  • Dogs must have proof of current rabies shots

Abiding by the above regulations will help improve safety at the dog park.

Personal Injury Representation in Tulsa

If you have been the victim of a dog bite, you need to contact the Tulsa personal injury lawyer at Impact Law regarding your injuries and your rights. Call today for a free consultation or contact us by email.

How Safe is Your Nursing Home?

Date posted: November 4, 2013

As more people are being forced into nursing home care due to the fact people are living longer and their economic status does not provide for in-home care, it is imperative to closely examine the safety standards and their enforcement before allowing a loved one to reside in a nursing home.

Too many nursing home injuries are a result of negligence or carelessness on the part of the nursing home staff.  While it is hard to imagine that anyone making a career out of caring for other people could have the mindset that their job is merely a job and nothing more, it is unfortunately true.

Before deciding to reside in a nursing home facility, or before placing a loved one in a nursing home, it would serve everyone well to meet with the director and ask, “How Safe in Your Nursing Home?”  Listen carefully to their response and then check to see if complaints have been filed against the staff, and/or facility.  Also, look around when visiting the prospective place you or your relative plan to reside. Observe how it smells, the cleanliness of the rooms, the dining areas, the kitchen, bathrooms, etc.  If something does not look right, and if the staff seems reluctant to answer your questions, or appear to be evasive, there is a good chance their standards are “sub-standard,” and not a place you or your loved one would want to be.

Government Regulations Enforce Safety Standards

The government has specific guidelines for participating Medicare facilities to help ensure the safety of nursing home residents; these include:

  • Freedom from mental, physical, or sexual abuse
  • Freedom from chemical (medication), or physical restraints, other than to prevent a resident from being injured.

If you observe signs that your loved one is being abused, or that another resident is being abused, you should immediately discuss your observations with the Tulsa nursing home injuries lawyer at Impact Law.

Contact Impact Law today for a free consultation to discuss nursing home safety concerns.