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Positive Effects Social Media Can Have on Personal Injury Cases

Date posted: December 30, 2013

As social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram gain popularity, more and more lawyers are turning to posts on these sites to find supporting evidence to build their client’s personal injury claims. If a person has acted in a negligent manner that caused injury to you, and then turns to social media to brag about their behavior, the negligent person’s post can be used to demonstrate the liability he or she has in your injury.

Negative Effects Social Media Can Have on Personal Injury Cases

On the other side of how social media can affect personal injury cases, insurance investigators are turning to social media posts as well to build their defense to pay out the smallest settlement possible on personal injury claims.

Guidance from a Personal Injury Attorney in Tulsa, OK

Injuries resulting from car accidents, defective products, pedestrian mishaps and other incidents often make their way on to the web in the form of pictures with comments that can either help or hinder your claim. If you have suffered a personal injury, it is imperative to consider the consequences a post could have on your settlement if it provides evidence against your case.

Rulings on the Admission of Social Media Evidence

The admissibility of evidence from social media is a relatively new question. At this time, most judges have ruled that information posted on social media sites is admissible as evidence in personal injury claims and criminal claims.

Always seek representation from a reputable personal injury attorney to help build the best case for your injuries. Impact Law Firm will not leave any stone unturned when it comes to building the best claim for your damages. Call our Tulsa office today or fill out our contact form for consultation.

Unplug Space Heaters to Prevent Fires in Tulsa, OK

Date posted: December 23, 2013

Our tight economy has caused many people to take shortcuts in heating their homes, and many do so by using space heaters to avoid high gas and electric bills throughout the winter months across the U.S.  Many fire marshals will testify to this method of heating as being one of their worst nightmares for causing house fires and the loss of human life.

Before you decide to use a space heater to lower your fuel costs, visit your local fire department and discuss their recommendations for the type of space heater you should purchase and which ones have the best safety records.

Space Heaters Safety

Caution in using a space heater will save your life and the lives of the ones you love.  Consider the following safety precautions when using a space heater:

  • Never purchase a space heater unless it has the “UL” mark which simply proves it has been safety tested and meets the required standards of safety.
  • ALWAYS read and abide by the operating guide steps provided by the manufacturer.
  • Purchase space heaters that have sensors to automatically turn the heater off if someone or something is too close, and if the heater is accidentally over-turned.
  • Consider purchasing propane heaters as opposed to kerosene heaters because propane is cleaner and heats better.  Do not substitute the type of fuel recommended by the manufacturer’s guide.
  • Always make sure there is adequate ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning when using any type of heater requiring fuel.
  • Install at least one carbon monoxide poisoning alarm near the sleeping areas.
  • ALWAYS unplug space heaters to prevent fires if you are leaving the area or house for which the heat is being provided.

Burn Injuries from Faulty Space Heaters

Contact a burn injury lawyer at Impact Law Firm to discuss burn injuries you or a loved one received due to a faulty space heater.

Steps in Filing a Wrongful Death Case in Tulsa, OK

Date posted: December 16, 2013

A loved one’s death is almost always difficult to reconcile when we are dealing with our grief over their loss, but when his or her life is cut short due to reckless or negligent behavior by another person, the grief can be unbearable.  It’s imperative to discuss your legal options with an attorney that has many years of experience, and success in winning these types of claims for their clients.  Impact Law Firm has filed and won hundreds of wrongful death cases for their clients in Tulsa, OK.

Oklahoma law mandates a two-year statute of limitation for filing a wrongful death claim, thus, if you believe carelessness or negligence brought about the death of your loved one, it’s vitally important to discuss your options for filing your claim as soon as possible with your attorney.

Wrongful Death Claims

There are several steps in filing a wrongful death case, and it is a lengthy process.  You can assist your attorney to ensure the best outcome by:

  • Meet with your attorney to determine if your case is eligible for a wrongful death filing.
  • Provide your attorney with the death certificate listing the cause of death
  • Prepare a list of witnesses willing to testify on your behalf
  • Provide your attorney with evidence that your loved one died as a result of carelessness or negligence by an identifiable individual or company, etc.
  • Discuss your financial losses resulting from your loved one’s death

Damages in Wrongful Death Cases

In most wrongful death cases, your attorney’s goal will be to ensure that you are compensated in the following areas:

  • Hospital bills
  • Physician bills
  • Funeral expenses, including burial expenses
  • Current and future loss of income
  • Emotional trauma
  • Punitive damages

The steps in filing a wrongful death case vary depending upon how your loved one died, but filing a case quickly is important to ensure the statute of limitations does not end.  Contact Impact Law Firm in Tulsa, OK today for a free consultation.

Stay Safe on Icy Roads in Tulsa

Date posted: December 9, 2013

Icy roads are a well-known hazard for Tulsa drivers virtually every winter as we have already seen in 2013. Many accidents and injuries could be avoided, and many lives could be saved by simply taking the proper precautions to stay safe on icy roads. At Impact Law Firm, we take great pride in offering insight to help our clients and their families remain safe.

Following some of the following safety tips will assist you in remaining injury free during icy road conditions:

  • When the temperatures drop, check your local weather reports for road conditions.
  • Adequate tread on your tires will help prevent sliding; using tire chains may sound outdated, but many people have learned this is one fail-proof way to avoid an accident during icy conditions.
  • Always assume wet spots are slick spots when the temperatures hover around freezing.
  • Approach stop lights and stop signs slowly giving yourself plenty of time to stop and avoid sliding into an intersection with on-coming traffic, or to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of you.
  • Keep your distance from other vehicles.
  • Take your time.  Better to arrive safely; than not to arrive at all.
  • Carry a bag of sand or cat litter in your trunk to sprinkle around tires that start spinning and become stuck due to icy conditions.
  • Always clean off ALL car windows and side mirrors to ensure you can see the vehicles around you.
  • Try to maintain your momentum when driving up a hill, but do so without driving recklessly.

Tulsa Car Accident Representation

If you have been injured in a car accident as a result of icy roads in Tulsa, OK, contact the car accident lawyer at Impact Law Firm today. We always offer a free consultation.

Learn the Correct Way to Lift Heavy Objects

Date posted: December 2, 2013

Severe back pain is a well-known cause of employees missing work, and workmen’s compensation claims. Back injuries resulting from lifting heavy objects incorrectly can lead to a lifetime of serious back pain.  Learn the correct way to lift heavy objects and avoid permanent damage to vertebrae that can lead to multiple surgeries, and sometimes permanent disability.

Correct Steps to Lift Heavy Objects

By practicing the following steps, you can often avoid damaging the muscles in your back and help prevent lifelong pain:

  • Carefully examine the object you are moving to determine if it is even feasible to move it without assistance.
  • Place your body close to the object/load, tighten your stomach muscles with your feet spread shoulder length apart and lift one corner of larger objects to determine if they are too large or heavy to lift without additional help either from another person, or mechanical help such as a forklift.
  • Before lifting any heavy object, always ensure they are properly balanced to avoid shifting while being carried from one place to another.
  • When lifting a heavy object, always bend your knees while keeping your back straight and lower yourself to lift the load.
  • Lift the object slowly by using your leg muscles and arms while maintaining close proximity to the object with your body.
  • When placing the heavy object in a different spot, always lower your body slowly by again bending your knees and keeping your back straight and setting down the object.

Even with the best safety practices in place, back injuries still occur, and often require extensive medical intervention, and physical therapy.

Impact Law Firm Representation in Tulsa

If you have serious back pain resulting from injuries you received while working for your employer, you need to contact Impact Law Firm in Tulsa, OK today for a free consultation.