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Avoiding Truck Accidents in Oklahoma

Trucks are obviously bigger than other vehicles on the road. Oklahoma highways offer main thorough-ways to trucks crossing our country and providing vital services for our own well-being. Enacting a few safety tips when sharing the road with semi-trucks and 18-wheelers can save lives every day.

  • Always be aware that large trucks have areas referred to as “no zones.”  If you are driving too close and in the “no zone,” you will not be able to see the side mirrors on the truck.  This means the truck driver may not be aware that you are behind him and could be extremely dangerous if you decide to pass, or if he finds it necessary to suddenly hit his brakes.  Back off until the side mirrors are within your range of vision, and make sure he is aware of your presence. The rule of thumb is to stay 20 to 25 car lengths away from the back of a truck.
  • Changing lanes suddenly can also cause a truck driver to react in a dangerous way, by hitting his brakes, or swerving and losing control.  Always signal a lane change in advance and move safely into the lane far enough ahead of the truck to avoid making the driver hit his brakes.
  • Never make a sudden turn in front of a truck driver.  It takes a truck three times longer to stop than an automobile.  Consider the fact that most trucks weigh approximately 40 tons, and are approximately 80 feet long; turning abruptly in front of one may cost you your life.
  • Allow plenty of room at intersections for trucks to turn to avoid your being injured or your automobile being damaged.
  • Drive defensively, always considering the what-ifs by keeping in mind that we all make mistakes; plan ahead as if you expect someone to make a stupid mistake. Doing so may save your life as well as the lives of others.

Tulsa, OK Truck Accident Attorney

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