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Back Injuries

Tulsa Back Injuries Lawyer

Tulsa Back Injuries Lawyer

Back injuries are one of the most common types of workers compensation claims filed, and are the second highest reason people miss work. Your back is the key to your day-to-day movement and is one of the most vulnerable to injuries. Back injuries can range from a minor irritation to a permanent disability. Work-related back injuries can occur from lifting, falling or a trauma directly to the back or neck.  Regardless of the cause, recovering from a back injury can be complicated and lengthy, and may require one or more surgeries. Seeking the right representation from a back injury lawyer is key to recouping the monies you are owed.

Proper Training On-the-Job to Avoid Back Injuries

Employers are required to give proper training if you job requires heavy lifting for manual labor in order to reduce the risk of back injury while working. Employers are also required to provide a safe working environment and the right equipment to complete necessary tasks. Failure to do so can put you at risk of sustaining a back injury which can have long-term effects on your future and your ability to work. If you suffer a back injury, even if the employer functions in the safest manner possible, are still eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Contact Impact Law Firm today by phone at 918-574-8555 or by email to schedule your free consultation.

Causes of Back Injury in Tulsa

There are many causes of back injuries which can result in a workers compensation claim. These include:

  • Heavy lifting without proper training or equipment
  • Repetitive activity without sufficient rest or break times
  • Use of heavy machinery
  • Poorly maintained equipment
  • Slip and fall hazards

If you have suffered a back injury at your place of work, contact the attorneys at Impact Law Firm.

Types of Back Injuries

The severity of your back injury can cause pain that is either acute or chronic. Torn ligaments, pulled muscles, soft-tissue damage, spinal injuries or herniated discs can result from a back injury. Some injuries will affect your ability to move and can cause paralysis if severe.

Contact a Back Injury Lawyer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Impact Law Firm wants to help you in receiving the compensation you are owed for your back injury. Our staff has the dedication to develop the best case for your claim. Our back injury lawyer will work with you to help ensure you have all the medical care necessary for a full recovery. Contact us today for a free consultation, call us at 918-574-8555 or fill out our contact form.