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How Safe is Your Nursing Home?

As more people are being forced into nursing home care due to the fact people are living longer and their economic status does not provide for in-home care, it is imperative to closely examine the safety standards and their enforcement before allowing a loved one to reside in a nursing home.

Too many nursing home injuries are a result of negligence or carelessness on the part of the nursing home staff.  While it is hard to imagine that anyone making a career out of caring for other people could have the mindset that their job is merely a job and nothing more, it is unfortunately true.

Before deciding to reside in a nursing home facility, or before placing a loved one in a nursing home, it would serve everyone well to meet with the director and ask, “How Safe in Your Nursing Home?”  Listen carefully to their response and then check to see if complaints have been filed against the staff, and/or facility.  Also, look around when visiting the prospective place you or your relative plan to reside. Observe how it smells, the cleanliness of the rooms, the dining areas, the kitchen, bathrooms, etc.  If something does not look right, and if the staff seems reluctant to answer your questions, or appear to be evasive, there is a good chance their standards are “sub-standard,” and not a place you or your loved one would want to be.

Government Regulations Enforce Safety Standards

The government has specific guidelines for participating Medicare facilities to help ensure the safety of nursing home residents; these include:

  • Freedom from mental, physical, or sexual abuse
  • Freedom from chemical (medication), or physical restraints, other than to prevent a resident from being injured.

If you observe signs that your loved one is being abused, or that another resident is being abused, you should immediately discuss your observations with the Tulsa nursing home injuries lawyer at Impact Law.

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