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Injured on the Job in Tulsa

Federal and State law mandates that Oklahoma employers must provide coverage for their employees in the form of workers’ compensation. Workers’ comp provides payments to workers if they suffer injuries while on the job. Tulsa employees are entitled to a safe work environment with properly maintained equipment. Oklahoma laws are in place to regulate workplace safety to help prevent accidents and injuries. Unfortunately, accidents occur daily and severe injuries can result from product defects, negligence or simple human oversight.

On-the-Job Injury Coverage

The majority of workers in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma have some knowledge of workers’ compensation benefits in that, if injured, their medical bills will be covered by workers’ comp. Oklahoma workers’ compensation will usually pay without consideration of who is at fault, even if the employee has some part in causing the accident. Furthermore, some circumstances of certain cases warrant compensation in other than or in addition to workers’ compensation. Examples include:

  • Workers’ comp is intended for unintentional accidents; so if you feel that your injury was caused by an intentional act, you can bring a civil claim against your employer even if you have collected workers’ compensation.
  • If your injury on the job occurred in full or partially due to negligence of a third party other than your employer or co-worker, you may file a separate civil suit against that third party.
  • If your employer failed to maintain workers’ compensation coverage, you can file a civil action against the employer.
  • If you find that there is an exclusion preventing you from collecting workers’ compensation, you may be eligible to file a civil suit against your employer if your employer showed negligence that caused your injury.

Fighting for Coverage if Injured on the Job

Due to insurance fraud and profit concerns, some Tulsa employees who face injuries on the job find it difficult to recover needed monies from workers’ compensation insurance providers. If compensation is granted, it is often not enough to cover medical bills, lost wages and other finances.

A qualified workers’ compensation lawyer can help you receive the benefits you are owed. Contact Keith Swift today for a free consultation.