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Learn the Correct Way to Lift Heavy Objects

Severe back pain is a well-known cause of employees missing work, and workmen’s compensation claims. Back injuries resulting from lifting heavy objects incorrectly can lead to a lifetime of serious back pain.  Learn the correct way to lift heavy objects and avoid permanent damage to vertebrae that can lead to multiple surgeries, and sometimes permanent disability.

Correct Steps to Lift Heavy Objects

By practicing the following steps, you can often avoid damaging the muscles in your back and help prevent lifelong pain:

  • Carefully examine the object you are moving to determine if it is even feasible to move it without assistance.
  • Place your body close to the object/load, tighten your stomach muscles with your feet spread shoulder length apart and lift one corner of larger objects to determine if they are too large or heavy to lift without additional help either from another person, or mechanical help such as a forklift.
  • Before lifting any heavy object, always ensure they are properly balanced to avoid shifting while being carried from one place to another.
  • When lifting a heavy object, always bend your knees while keeping your back straight and lower yourself to lift the load.
  • Lift the object slowly by using your leg muscles and arms while maintaining close proximity to the object with your body.
  • When placing the heavy object in a different spot, always lower your body slowly by again bending your knees and keeping your back straight and setting down the object.

Even with the best safety practices in place, back injuries still occur, and often require extensive medical intervention, and physical therapy.

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