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Neck Injuries

Tulsa, Oklahoma Neck Injury Lawyer

Tulsa, Oklahoma Neck Injury LawyerAfter a car accident or a serious slip-and-fall accident, many injured victims try to get through neck or back pain without seeking proper medical care. This type of injury may not be immediately evident and is often difficult to diagnose. Chronic pain can result from neck injuries and can severely reduce the comfort of day-to-day functions.

Seeking proper medical care for a neck or back injury is vital, not only to your recovery, but also to filing a personal injury claim. The attorneys at Impact Law Firm can assist you in ensuring that all necessary documentation is completed by your attending physician. Our attorneys recognize that neck and back injuries can be life-changing. He will access invaluable resources to help you receive the monies you need to recuperate fully.

Immediate Actions to Take for a Neck Injury

If you or a loved one has a neck injury, there are imperative steps to take at the scene of the accident to reduce the risk of paralysis for the injured victim. Contact us today to get started.
Only a doctor can fully diagnose the severity of an injury, but knowing what to do until you or a loved can get to a doctor is vital to the victim’s well-being. These steps include:

  1. If you suspect a neck or back injury, immobilize the neck area and do not try to move unless you are in danger of losing your life in your current location. Contact emergency medical help or ask someone to call for you if you are unable to call yourself.
  2. Monitor extremities for numbness. Check circulation and assess any localized pain, stiffness or tenderness. Report any and all abnormalities to the emergency staff.

Contact Impact Law Firm to meet with our neck injury attorneys as quickly as possible following your accident.

Common Neck or Back Injuries

Slip-and-fall accidents and rear-end car accidents often result is neck or back injuries and can vary from minor to catastrophic. Whiplash is one of the most common injuries resulting from rear-end car collisions, and, unfortunately, is one of the most evasive types of injuries to diagnose and measure. Some people have attempted to exploit this type of injury and have given an overall negative connotation to victims who claim whiplash. However, whiplash is a true diagnosis that can cause severe pain and disability to the injured person. Seeking proper representation from a neck injury attorney is vital in recovering damages for your whiplash injury.

Contact a Specialized Oklahoma Neck Injury Attorney

Contact Impact Law Firm at 918-574-8555 as soon as feasible following an accident that has resulted in a neck or back injury. Our Tulsa, Oklahoma office will diligently and relentlessly seek the highest award for your injuries to help you and your family start living again. Do not risk settling for too little by allowing an insurance company to convince you to accept a settlement before consulting with our neck injury attorneys. We always offer a free consultation. All personal injury claims are handled on a contingency basis.