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Nursing Home Injuries

Tulsa, Oklahoma Nursing Home Injuries and Accidents

Tulsa, Oklahoma Nursing Home Injuries and Accidents LawyerUnfortunately, the abuse of people becomes more prevalent as they age.  Due to their perceived frailties, both physically and mentally, they often become subject to the abuse and/or neglect of those placed in charge of protecting them such as in a nursing-home environment, assisted living, or long-term care facility.  It is difficult to imagine, but caregivers in these facilities are often responsible for deliberate or negligent abuse of those placed in their care leading to injury accidents for the elderly.

Do you see evidence that your loved one is being neglected or abused in a Tulsa nursing home or other Tulsa caregiver facility?  If so, contact Impact Law Firm to learn more about how our compassionate and experienced lawyer team can provide you with answers to the legal recourse available to assist victims in these situations involving abuse, and/or neglect. Nursing home staff and management must be held accountable for injuries incurred, both physically and mentally.

Substandard Care in Nursing Homes

Some nursing homes and other caregiver facilities appear to contribute to their own substandard, neglect, and abuse of senior citizens due to a variety of reasons that include:

  • Administrators/Owners concerned more about the fiscal bottom line than truly caring for the elderly
  • Under-staffed facilities
  • Poor training of staff
  • Lack of background checks on staff
  • Residents who are fearful of reporting neglect or abuse
  • Residents incapable of reporting abuse due to being physically or mentally incapacitated

Government Rights Mandated for Nursing Home Residents

There are specific rights that every nursing home resident has if the facility is a Medicare participant, and these rights include:

  • Freedom from mental, physical, sexual, and verbal abuse
  • Freedom from chemical or physical restraints for disciplinary or convenience reasons, other than to treat a medical condition, and then only when a physician has issued a written order specifying the length of time and circumstances for which the restraints can be used to specifically insure the safety of the resident or other residents.

The legal statutes also mandate that each resident of a participating Medicare nursing home facility must be given both a verbal and written notice of services they are entitled to receive while they remain residents of the extended care facility or nursing home.

Nursing Home Injuries and Accident Representation

Neglect and abuse are a major problem facing our elderly citizens in Tulsa’s nursing homes. If your loved one has suffered an injury from an accident caused by neglect or abuse, contact Impact Law Firm today for a free consultation. Call us at 918-574-8555 or fill out our contact form to schedule your consultation.