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Oklahoma Workers Compensation Law to Lead the Way

In May of this year, the governor of Oklahoma signed a law that will allow employers to choose options for injured employee benefits other than workers compensation insurance. No doubt Oklahoma will be closely observed by other states that are looking for alternative options other than workers compensation insurance.

The new law should enact opportunities for insurance companies to develop innovative products for employers creating competition for workers compensation insurance. Lawmakers and business owners anticipate that these changes will create legitimate options for companies and their workers. To date, Oklahoma’s neighbor, Texas, has developed an opt-out plan for companies, or non-subscribers, and insurance providers are studying how they might develop similar provisions for employers in our state.

Oklahoma Injury Laws

As changes are made in Tulsa and across Oklahoma, it is imperative for workers to remain informed of their rights. Most employers in Tulsa will still have workers compensation coverage until alternatives are available from insurance providers. Hopefully, the new law will benefit employees as well as employers.

If you are injured on the job, you need to contact the Impact Law Firm to ensure you receive the compensation you are owed. Our Oklahoma injury attorneys recognize you have suffered not only physically, but emotionally as well. Our lawyers will stay informed of the upcoming changes in insurance benefits and workers compensation claims. Let our firm guide you and your financial recovery as you recover physically. Contact us today for a free consultation.