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On the Job Injuries and Workers Comp in Tulsa

In 2011, an Oklahoma law was passed that has been misinterpreted by many regarding drug testing and workers compensation. Some workers comp claims may have even been denied upon the assumption that if an employee fails a drug test after suffering an injury on the job in Tulsa, workers comp does not have to pay for the medical bills and lost wages resulting from the injury. However, at the end of 2012, an Oklahoma Court of Appeals ruled that was not necessarily the intent of the law.

The appeals court cited the language of the law stating that the illegal drugs or substance must be proven to be the major cause of the injury. The court ruled that if an employee refuses to take a drug test or fails a drug test, then the employee has the burden of proving that the drugs did not cause or attribute to the injury.

Guidance from an Oklahoma Workers Comp Attorney

One of the first steps you should take following an injury is to enlist the guidance of an Oklahoma workers comp attorney. If you have been denied benefits because of a failed drug test, you may have a strong case for an appeal. Tulsa’s Impact Law Firm can assess your case and help you decide if you have evidence that will prove that your injury did not result from a trace of an illegal substance. Companies and insurance agents often look for an excuse to not have to pay for an employee’s on-the-job injuries.

Contact Impact Law Firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma today to ensure you receive all that you are owed. We keep our client’s well-being at the center of our practice.