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One Text Can End Your Life, Have You Stopped?

Regardless of how often we hear about the dangers of texting and driving; many of us continue with this negligent behavior.

How heartbreaking to be involved in a serious or fatal accident and have to look back to the minutes before it occurred only to realize that a text message we thought could not wait changed our lives forever, and cost the life of someone else.

Not only is it true that one text can end your life, it can, and all too often does, end someone else’s life.  Many statistics prove that texting is just as dangerous and deadly as driving drunk, yet the behavior continues.

Negligent Driving Increases Risk of Death

Negligent driving cases are increasing at a rapid rate nationwide due to our ever-increasing technology that allows us to stay in touch with friends and family.  The price we pay is not worth the convenience if someone loses his or her life.

Many individuals fail to consider that they will not be able to hide the fact that their texting was responsible for an accident.  If the court has any reason to suspect that cell phone usage was at fault in an accident, their cell phone can and will be confiscated, and there is no way to hide what occurred.  Even if they dispose of the phone, their cell phone carrier can be ordered by the court to release copies of their information.

Technology Offers Solutions to Texting and Driving

There are apps available that will respond to both texts and telephone calls stating that you are currently driving and will respond to the call or read the text messages being sent when you reach a safe place enabling you to do so.  Taking advantage of these applications may be the best gift you can give to yourself and those you love.

Car Accident Representation in Tulsa

Contact Impact Law, Tulsa’s car accident attorney, if you have been involved in a text-related car accident.