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Staying Out of Blind Spots to Avoid Truck Accidents

Many Tulsa truck accidents are caused by other drivers failing to stay out of blind spots that prevent a truck driver from seeing them.

Driving too closely, or in the “blind spot” can be determined by checking to see if the truck’s side view mirrors are visible to you.  If you are driving behind a large truck, and you cannot see the side mirrors, you need to back off until they are visible. If you drive in the truck’s blind spots, you are in danger of either causing an accident or being seriously injured should the truck driver suddenly tap his brakes.  Staying at least 20 to 25 car lengths away will provide a safety net that allows the truck driver to see you, and also allows you room to slow down if you see the driver braking.

Additional Safety Precautions to Avoid Truck Accidents

There are other safety precautions to consider when driving on the roadway with large trucks:

  • Never assume the truck driver is aware that you must or are about to change lanes; always signal well in advance to ensure the truck driver does not have to suddenly apply his brakes or swerve.
  • When changing back into the lane with the large truck, allow for at least 10 car lengths ahead of the truck.
  • When driving beside a large truck, always make your presence known to avoid a truck driver from changing lanes suddenly forcing you off the road.

Impact Law Representation for Truck Accidents

Planning ahead and being courteous to Tulsa truck drivers will help prevent tragic loss of lives; however, truck accidents still happen and cause thousands of injuries and deaths each year.  If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a Tulsa truck accident, contact the lawyer team at Impact Law today for a free consultation.