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The Dangers of Bed Bugs

In recent years, we have begun to hear more about bed bug infestations in hotels and motels, and how these ugly little creatures are carried into our homes.

We are beginning to understand the dangers of bed bugs and the health threats they pose.  Ugly rashes occur from bed bug bites due to a chemical like substance they inject that acts much like an anesthetic which actually numbs the bite areas temporarily.  This numbing substance allows bed bugs to bite you multiple times without your sleep being disturbed, and you only become of aware you’ve been bitten after you wake up and see a rash on your face, or other areas of your body.

As with most chemical substances, various reactions can occur based upon your individual sensitivity.  These bites are normally not considered dangerous; however, it is important to avoid scratching them, and to use topical creams to relieve the itch symptoms.  Scratching the areas will only exacerbate the rash, and may cause an infection that could lead to scarring.

Bedbugs are more prevalent in Southeast Asia, but travelers in the U.S. encounter them too.  As a matter of prevention when traveling, it’s always wise to check your bedding immediately upon checking into your hotel or motel room.  Carefully check the sheets and pillow cases for tiny red spots, and also check the mattress along the seams, and any other hiding place such as tags, etc.  Bedbugs love to hide in tiny crevices.  If you observe signs of bedbugs, contact the hotel management immediately to request a room change.

When you arrive home, always leave your bags in the garage or trunk of your car until you have a chance to wash and dry all clothing and vacuum your luggage.  Effectively eradicating bedbug infestation from your clothing requires drying them at a temperature of 115 Fahrenheit.

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