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Tulsa Transit and Bus Accidents

Tulsa transit accidents can cause debilitating injuries that leave individuals with enormous hospital bills, doctors’ bills and loss of work.

Mass transit is a great way to save money on gasoline and car repairs, and can often give you a new perspective on human beings in general; however, there are precautions that should be taken if you choose to travel to and from work, or simply around the city using this mode of transportation.

Tips for Safe Travel and Avoiding Tulsa Transit and Bus Accidents:

  • Always be observant of other people and their behavior
  • Remain alert as to what the bus driver is doing and his/her driving skills
  • Be prepared to brace yourself in the event that the bus driver must stop suddenly and without warning
  • When moving up or down the aisle, be aware of packages or other people’s feet and/or legs blocking the aisle and possibly causing you to trip
  • Pay attention when stepping onto the bus to make sure your feet are firmly planted on each step to avoid tripping and falling
  • When exiting the bus do not jump off, but step off cautiously being careful to avoid tripping
  • Be courteous of others by assisting in helping to steady their balance if they are walking up the aisle while the bus is still in motion.
  • Hold tightly to all handrails and never assume the bus driver is aware of where you are on the bus if he/she should make a sudden stop.

Bus and Transit Accident Advocacy in Tulsa

If you have suffered injuries in a Tulsa transit accident, contact a bus accident attorney at Impact Law Firm today for an appointment to discuss your legal options.