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Unplug Space Heaters to Prevent Fires in Tulsa, OK

Our tight economy has caused many people to take shortcuts in heating their homes, and many do so by using space heaters to avoid high gas and electric bills throughout the winter months across the U.S.  Many fire marshals will testify to this method of heating as being one of their worst nightmares for causing house fires and the loss of human life.

Before you decide to use a space heater to lower your fuel costs, visit your local fire department and discuss their recommendations for the type of space heater you should purchase and which ones have the best safety records.

Space Heaters Safety

Caution in using a space heater will save your life and the lives of the ones you love.  Consider the following safety precautions when using a space heater:

  • Never purchase a space heater unless it has the “UL” mark which simply proves it has been safety tested and meets the required standards of safety.
  • ALWAYS read and abide by the operating guide steps provided by the manufacturer.
  • Purchase space heaters that have sensors to automatically turn the heater off if someone or something is too close, and if the heater is accidentally over-turned.
  • Consider purchasing propane heaters as opposed to kerosene heaters because propane is cleaner and heats better.  Do not substitute the type of fuel recommended by the manufacturer’s guide.
  • Always make sure there is adequate ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning when using any type of heater requiring fuel.
  • Install at least one carbon monoxide poisoning alarm near the sleeping areas.
  • ALWAYS unplug space heaters to prevent fires if you are leaving the area or house for which the heat is being provided.

Burn Injuries from Faulty Space Heaters

Contact a burn injury lawyer at Impact Law Firm to discuss burn injuries you or a loved one received due to a faulty space heater.